Quality Standards

I build web sites that are compatible with all web browsers. High quality standards is my number one priority.

Constant Support

I will be here with you after the design and development. I offer constant support to help you when things don't go quite the way they should.


I will provide you with constant updates and stay on schedule to provide you with the project you need in a timely fashion.


Sometimes you see a design and think it’s all just a matter of applying a “look” to stuff that’s already there. In reality, that’s basically what’s going on. In practice, however, things are intensely more complicated. Displaying cheap web design prices here would do you a disservice without an accurate assessment of your business needs.

Your website IS your business. What is your business worth to you? My hourly rate is $35

A proper web design requires a degree of expertise to be completed in a professional fashion. Sometimes people who want designs are oftentimes unfamiliar with the amount of knowledge required to pull all this off in a seamless fashion.

How long have you been talking about getting a web site for your business or starting a blog? Get your business off to the right start! Please contact me and I will provide you with quick solutions for your needs.

Why choose Troy?

I know everyone is tired of shady web designers. Missed deadlines. Inflated prices. Have me construct a web site for you or your business. I have been creating websites for over fifteen years. Take a look at my portfolio. Have a project that you need developed? Have me draw a proposal up for you to see if I can be the right fit for your business.


  • Custom HTML Development
  • Custom PHP Development
  • Wordpress Installation
  • Logo Design

I am the guy for your next project. Value-priced, with high intensity. I am right for your business.